Friday, April 22, 2011

Feathers Everywhere

First thought that popped into mind when I woke up - what's is there to do today?

Hopped on to Yelp Events and found in big bold letters:

LA Pillow Fight in Downtown

Grabbed pillows and boyfriend and painted war paint on our faces.  Conveniently, I inadvertently made Jimmy's into the Indonesian flag.

Yes sir yes sir.

Found the ONLY free parking spot in downtown (on Broadway, shhhh) and walked to Pershing Square.  We found hordes of people just waiting.

Finding good parking is a sign of a good day (or night, whatever you're up to).

Lots of folks in costumes and tons of SLR cameras.

Someone came out on stage and made the announcement.  You could hear the excitement and 4 minutes too early, she blew the horn and pillows started flying.

It was chaos.  There were feathers everywhere and it hurt.  Your head was not safe, some guys take this way too seriously and knock people out.  But thankfully there were clear safety zones!

Jimmy went looking for trouble and found it.  Too bad he got his ass whooped by kids and a shirtless European.

Despite the madness we found some aliens and Jason!

There swallowed so many feathers, I couldn't even breath.  Next time I'm bringing a surgical mask.

See more pictures HERE

See me and Jimmy in this video at 13 seconds, it's sort of quick.


mich said...

haha. those aren't just aliens, they're PUTTIES

Anonymous said...

You and your boyfriend are a constant source of Jelousy!! lol. and there was a pillow fight!@!!