Friday, August 19, 2011

Murder Mystery

I have to hand it off to Groupon for informing me of interesting happenings in LA.  In addition to half off overpriced meals and tons of monthly Yoga class passes, Groupon also lists unique things such as a Mystery Murder Dinner.

The only thing I really knew about this event is that it is Stuff White People like, but I lowered my expectations and focused on the main part of the experience: DRESSING UP!

We adopted characters based on clue.  Tried to be colorful, but came up with more muted tones like olive and beige.  Jimmy put together some clue card profiles:

Yes... I was the whore... but I was looking for an opportunity to reuse my red and pink feather boa.  And here we go, back to the 1920s.  Last time I was in that decade, I went to a Rum bar, but this time it was all about a mystery.

When we got there EVERYONE was dressed up.  Well 85% of the attendees were and the folks that were stuck in the 2000's looked ridiculous.  Come on people, get into character!

The restaurant was in downtown and while we enjoyed a pretty good Italian dinner, we watched a mystery unfold.  Each table was assigned a character.  We were part of the Graves family - bootlegers and the rival mafia.

Steve did an amazing job as the mob boss, cracking jokes with the cast and staying in character.  We were given binders with motives and a mission.  Every table had a back story, motive and mission and it was their job to interrogate everyone to solve the mystery.

Between each course, the cast would reveal something new and we were given money to bribe other tables for more information.

At the end of the show, they gave out awards to folks who stayed in character, who were the most innovative and of course to the people who solved the mystery.  Our table was far from the answer.

I wish I got a picture of this cute group of flappers, but we managed to steal some good lighting photos outside.

It was me, Mr. Scarlet at 321 with a feather BOA!!!!

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Alex C. said...

OMG! This may be one of my favorite posts of yours. I am dying to do this!