Monday, August 15, 2011

A little More Indian in My Life

The two things that are on my life to-do list are Holi - Festival of Colors and Raas Garba.

Two very large Indian customs that I haven't participated in since I was in Berkeley, but long to relive.

Holi - Wet and colorful, music and celebration. Strangers touching, laugh... it's amazing. I have $26 worth of colored powder left over from this year's Holi fail.

Raas Garba (I could have title this wrong) - Sort of an Indian line dance done with rotating partners involving sticks. One wrong move, and you can accidentally bang your stick on their face.

Luckily I found a Bhangra night and managed to gathered friends willing to leave West Hollywood to experience something much more interesting.

I was impressed by the interest. J.lo does Salsa dancing and was all for this.

When we entered, I asked for a Mango Lassi Bomb because I thought I saw it on the flyer. I was mistaken. They only had regular drinks. At that point, I realized that I was fetish-sizing a culture... hmmm based on this photos... maybe not.

We were taught a couple of moves by this professional in traditional garb and off we went kicking and punching. I think I almost knocked some folks out. God, dancing like this was exhausting.

What was amazing was that everyone in the room was into it. Soon this drummer came out and added to the beats. Circles began to form as folks battled. People started to climb on each other's shoulders and hop around to the rhythms of traditional and modern Bhangra music which at times sounded a little like house, R&B and pop.

It was a tad homoerotic and Indian bros were showing each other up on dance moves.

Probably burned lots of a lot of calories that night, but it was worth it... Indian dreams come true... I need an Indian gay friend.

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