Monday, June 29, 2009

LA Bound

I posted an Ad in Craigslist that I needed a ride to LA for an interview. This girl with a Colombian accent responded and I was on my way to LA, a terrible place.

She checked out as sane. I called her the day before and she was getting her car checked, though that didn't stop her from making abrupt lane changes, missing exits and almost rear ending someone and then giggling it off as if it were a cute fart in her driving.

She was going to LAX to pick up her family from Columbia, then driving up the 101 to give them a California tour. There were two other strangers with us. One girl who has lived in practically every state of the US going down to see her boyfriend. And a kid from Boston visiting his LA friends for the summer. He was 6'3 and he had to wear back support because he was sitting for too long.

Small talk was made, snacks were shared and we all arrived at our destination safely for 25 bucks. Heh heh.


The night before I ripped one of my contacts in half trying to take it out of my eye. In the morning I tried to put what was left of it back in, but it got lost in my eye for about 20 minutes. I did a twitter survey on if I should interview half blind or with glasses. The responses were overwhelming! I guess having glasses is better than accidentally winking at the director. Thanks everyone for making it clear that it was a no-DUH situation!

Interview went okay. They were young and vibrant, I was uncomfortable in my fitted suit while employees paraded around in flip flops and shorts. I could not help but feel that some of my answers weren't sufficient.


I feel like LA is SF, but stretched out and the tenderloin was cut into pieces and placed in random locations. There are pockets of culture to be found and patience to be had. 30 minutes to Fremont was an excursion to me, but if I were to move to LA 30 minutes to the grocery store is going to have to be a daily chore.

With the help of Tiffany and Michelle's new roommate, I found something that intrigues me. If I don't get this job in LA, it doesn't matter, I have direction. I feel like Media Planning is a great fit for me and I can stop flirting with the idea of going back to school or throwing out random vague efforts at "marketing."

I am moving forward!

I would like to take folks to these places in LA: Umami Burger and this Indian Mexican Street Food stuff for ONE Dolla!

After my interview, Sandy made the initiative to see me when I was content on just watching TV for the rest of my stay. We went to the LACMA.

Iron structure that has fallen on people.

Real tar pits! Fake elephants.

When you take Chinatown and make it into art!

A Thank You dinner for Tiffany for giving me a high recommendation and accommodating me. I have been eating Koreans nonstop! Tastes like war!


LAX = hot mess. EVERYONE's flights were in 20 minutes and EVERYONE was begging to cut in line. Unlike SFO, SJC and others.. LAX is NOT connected to the highway and it's a fucking bitch to get in/out. People are idiots- I was given the wrong boarding ticket. That dude is going to get SO fired. Look, I don't think people in LA are innately angry. I think LA makes them irate at the world.


If I move to LA, I'm gonna have to learn to drive well. I love walking to places and being surrounded by people. In LA, people are locked up in their cars cussing at traffic. But you gotta make sacrifices to get what you want. The returns will come!

Thank you everyone for supporting me on this interview. This is definitely a big deal and huge move out of this slump!


Devon said...

hope it works out with the interview. i'm looking for a job too... well, in my head but i really do need to start doing something about it.. hahaha, happy for you!

vjcheng said...

hope everything works out with the job Chris =) btw, that photo of the La Brea Tar Pits made my day, so sweet, I can't wait to make my way out to CA one day. All the best!

dannie said...

hope your interview went well.

mich said...

woo for making progress!