Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Extravagant Affairs

I have the pleasure of attending some lavish events through my work.  First a Toy Drive in downtown LA which is one of my favorite events because it gathers old friends from the industry... plus I find myself pushing the limits with all of the free alcohol that I have access to.

One hour limo ride from Santa Monica to a toy drive in downtown LA

I snuck in a bottle of Fireball Whiskey into the event and convinced two guys to come with me into the handicap stall to take swigs.  And then walking out of the stall saying ironically, "it ain't gay if it's a threeway" in which someone at the urinal heard and laughed to himself.  Earlier in the evening, one of guys had his hand down the back of my pants while I was trying to talk to the VP of marketing.  I had to ask the VP for "a moment please" and slap my straight coworkers hand out of my pants and return to the conversation pretending nothing happened.  Very difficult.

Work Celebration at Beverly Hills Hotel

It's interesting to see the answer to the question:  What would you do if you a huge budget to throw a wonderful party?  The answer was seen in the second event I attended through work for our clients.

  • Open bar, of course
  • Huge raffle (each guest gets a key that may open 1 of 4 large trunks)
  • Vodka tasting room
  • Cotton Candy vendors
  • Cigar booth
  • Flipbook Photo booth
  • .... and Synchronized swimmers because it's being held at a hotel pool patio in Beverly Hills
I was talking to someone and said, "this is out of control!  we should have just done a taco vendor huh?"  Knowing that it would be a hit for only $300.  But I couldn't get anyone to agree with me... synchronized swimmers is greater than tacos apparently.  

Here are GIFs our flipbooks we made from the photobooth - my coworker dancing while it's "raining" and my angry boss punching me.

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