Sunday, December 1, 2013

Eating Out November

 Jon and Anthony celebrate their birthday's on holidays which makes things quite fun.  Jon did his on Halloween and Anthony on Thanksgiving.  You see that fried chicken?  BTW his friends can COOK.  So much amazingness happening.

P. P. POP - Beef Noodle Soup
Uncle Yu's Indian Themed Restaurant - Not sure, but it was good
Lobster Roll - Cousin's in Pasedena... now closed... it was meh
Jacks N Joe - LA Pancake (thinner)... such a long wait, so not worth it
P.P. POP - Fried Soup Dumplings.  Our favorite secret soup dumpling AKA Xiao Long Bao spot has been discovered by Eater LA.  UGH!  Go way!! This is our place!
Los Angeles Pizza Company - Bruce Lee pizza.  No parking... and they really skipped out on the sausage.

November was a poor eating month... I guess I was just preparing for Thanksgiving overeating... let's make up for it with Selfies:

Why not?  Most of these were meant for Jimmy only, but they're just sitting in my phone waiting to be shared with more people.  I shall fulfill my duties as a millennial.  Feel free to ridicule me.

In other news this month, our favorite gal pal had her birthday at Uncle Yu's Native American themed Taiwanese restaurant called Indian.  Yes... all sorts of wrong.  Uncle Yu is this creepy old man that wanders around the joint with his suspenders and Back to the Future crazy white hair. I'm not sure how they got away with this.  Cindy's Flickr.  

This photo needs to be appreciated

 David had a Thanksgiving event as well.  The Filipinos found the piano and began to karaoke.  They also broke David's bed.  Later that night, I learned that David came out of the room and yelled at everyone to go home.  Then curled in the fetal position on the carpet.  Every continued their conversations.

Happy November everyone!

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