Sunday, December 1, 2013

Throwing Away High School

I finally threw away boxes of high school work when I was back home for Thanksgiving.

I took some quick pictures and realized again how much of a pack-rat I am.  But look at those notes... so color coded.  And organized binders and trappers?!  Are you kidding me?

I don't know why, but I thought this stuff would be useful one day.  Or maybe because I spent so much time that I couldn't just toss paperwork away.  I wish it was all digital, but the information in these boxes were out dated and pretty much useless to anyone.

My dad nagged me enough that I actually took the time to go through everything and toss things.

You wouldn't think so by all the grammar and spelling mistakes... along with elementary writing level of my blog, but I loved vocabulary.  I had a separate binder of words that I learned and wrote them down.  I eventually minored in linguistics... wait... education, but I was two classes away from getting a second minor.

In college, I would save money by photocopying readers... I did my best to try to save my parents money.  The readers were a part of the stack that I tossed.  I had the photocopy company bind my documents as well.

Anyway... everything is recycled and I only have about 7 more boxes to go so that my dad can fit his car in the garage again.  One day.

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