Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Family Christmas at Home

Because my cousin offered to host the large family Christmas party at her house on Christmas Day, my mom got a break.  We were able to spend Christmas Eve having a wonderful dinner, opening presents and going to church.  Nothing made my mom happier.

The food was delicious!

I like this shot of my grandpa and brother.  My mom complains that she can't go on vacation because she's worried about her dad.  She essentially has 4 boys to take care of.

Every year my parents get my grandpa something warm - scarf, gloves, knit cap.  And he always loves it.  This year was a good year for gift giving.  I splurged a little for my family and my brother was excited to give us all gives now that he has a job.  I'm really proud of him.  I'm going to keep that messenger bag he got me for a while!  My mom got Macy's gift cards from both me and my brother.  She said she was going to buy something special with the gift cards so that she can think of us.  Dad was easy: a sweater and finally that souvenir from Indonesia that he wanted.  I got my brother a handful of graphic tees and a watch.  He's a December baby so he deserves more.

My parents after the gift exchange.

Every year we take this family photo.  This year we just couldn't get the angle right.  Above is the winner.

We even through angry, solemn Chinese facial expressions.

My mom had to help my Grandpa smile.  He eventually got it.

Other family pictures:

Me and my brother being goofy.

My dad working on an oil painting

Pho with family.  They opened up a pretty good spot near my house.  I was happy.

My mom lining me up.  

Who could ask for a better family?

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