Saturday, December 14, 2013

Candyland - 321 Christmas Party

The thing about Christmas is that I can decorate the house with the tackiest decorations and no one can judge.  The house looks like the Christmas section of the dollar store exploded... which it sort of did since I keep adding to my Christmas collection.

This year's theme was Candyland!!  Which I thought was easy, except I couldn't find any decorations.  I was discouraged until I realized... I could just hang candycanes in the hallway and just scatter candy all over the tables.  Done.

We had the photobooth in Andrew's room and as of late, he's been taking the opportunity above and beyond and surprised me with a CandyCrush backdrop that he printed from FedEx Office.  $$$$$!

This made me so happy.  Sometimes I feel as though I put too much effort into these parties, spending too much, going over the top... but when when Andrew presents these creative creations I can't but be really thankful that there's someone else equally insane.

A lot of things going on in this picture which makes me laugh.

Ern/Erik got the house an inflatable Unicorn which matches perfectly with the theme of the house: random.

Gifts got creative this year which a couple of highlights:

  • One of a kind KFC candle.. "too unique a gift to pass up" proclaimed Jon when he stole the gift
  • A one month subscription to SeanCody - which was interesting to our honorable lesbian
  • Very popular Fashion swag that was stolen many times

Last year we had a white elephant game with 56 people which I was sweating to manage.  We had to cut down the invite list since the house was going to fall a part which pained me greatly since I always want to introduce new friends.  We hit 30 which felt more intimate and manageable and everyone went home early to other other parties since it was a popular Saturday.  

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mike said...

reminds me of katy perry's california gurls video.....SWEET :)