Monday, October 31, 2011

Google Reader Update

Though I like the updates to the blogger dashboard, I feel that the Google Reader update was a miss. This is a WhiteWhine.

It's annoying to navigate because the reading window is so small.  The reading window shrunk to make room for two useless navigation bars on the top that could be combined into one - Search Google Reader and these useless buttons that are rarely used.

Starting from the left. 
Subscribe button - Large and red.  Maybe this was altered because Reader noobs didn't know how to add new RSS Feeds.  You shouldn't be using Google Reader if you didn't know how to add.  This button is too large and should sit next to the Google Reader icon on top.

Refresh button - Or you can refresh the page
New Items or All Items - You can do this from the left navigation. 
Mark as Read - Do this within the reading window
Folder Settings - How often do you need to change the language or how it's sorted.  You can do this in the left navigation
Expanded or List view - Meh, move button to the right of Search button
Next or Previous Entry - I don't think anyone would use this if they knew that the space bar does the same thing.

All of these rarely used buttons should be moved next to the search bar to save space and make more room for the reading window.  I can't even load an entire picture with my internet browser maximized.

Tumblr is kicking ass in the current blog space, but RSS Readers allow us to read content WHEN we want to (in a month time frame - which sucks.) So it's important that Google gets this right.  Tumblr forces you to scroll until you've reached your stopping point so that you don't miss any content.  You can't indicate what has been read or not in Tumblr.  As a result, I've added content heavy Tumblrs to my Google Reader so that I can get to content when I'm ready.  I want my Google Reader to be better please.

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