Monday, October 17, 2011

Mad Men Themed Party

Yesterday Erik hosted a Mad Men themed birthday party. What does that mean? It means business formal with lots of beige and tans. There was also scotch on the rocks and expensive gin.

I was a little more zoot suit with my loose fitting pinstriped slacks and suspenders. I wish I went out to the thrift stores to find some more browns.

We had a good oldies soundtrack going on. It really did feel like we were there.

There was a lot of dapper going on here. I smoked my first cigarette and really felt like one of the cool kids. I was informed that I finished off three sticks. Oh and apparently Cloves don't count. It was still cool.

There was a special appearance by Peggy. Damn girl, your chest is hairy. But your clutch is cute.

Jimmy's photo booth was also a hit. The curtain in the back is a duvet push pinned to the wall. And the lighting came from perfectly angled desk lamps. #resourceful

Oh yes and we had some drag queens stop by.

I think the women at the party really made the vibe. This lady right here said her hair took 1.5 hours to do. The back was very elaborate. Do you feel the drama here?

We're planning a 1 billion dollar ad campaign.