Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random August

August 5th
Yes... very behind.

Ern is really good at doing a variety of things such as outdoor screenings.  Though I haven't been to Cinespia - the movie screenings in the Hollywood cemetery, we were able to check out Outdoor Cinemar Foodfest

Check out these divas and their picnic equipment

We watched Fargo at USC.  Lots of folks came out.  The movie itself was interesting.  I enjoyed it for the most part and it was far from what I usually watch.

Jimmy makes this face when he's happy.

Sleeping bag couture

We checked out The Echo's Funky Sole night and did a little Motown intimidating the moves on the screen. 

Hih hih hih hiiipppsters...

We had folks turn around, count down and took a shot of them as the turned to the camera on "1" results above.  Not the most flattering moments.

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