Friday, September 2, 2011


It was Erik's turn to share his city finds.

Tucked away in South East LA (according to Yelp) is Mo-chica, a "Modern Peruvian Restaurant."  It was a classy place in a food court like space called the Mercado La Paloma.  But the shops and food stalls here would be considered a part of an alternate "fine dining" experience.  Fine dining is something I do only for work or with a coupon. And how do I define fine dining?  When the plates are square.

It was a strange feeling to enjoy award winning meals in a venue that would usually house a Chinese Food Express and Subway catered to students and business folks in the area.  I found a handful of blogs that better describe the experience such as Food librarian and kevinEats

Below are the mouth watering pictures that Jimmy took:

Ceviche del Dia

Aji de Gallina - Shredded chicken, walnuts, aji amarillo bread sauce

Lomo Saltado - Beef filet, salsa criolla, fried potatoes

So amazing.

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