Saturday, October 26, 2013

Still Alive

Hello neglected blog.  Just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and doing well.  September was the first month where I didn't write anything at all.  I guess I've just let myself be consumed with work and food and recapping everything stopped becoming so necessary.

I'm happy with my current salary, but all of a sudden I feel like should be paid more for putting in more hours than anyone else in my office with the same roll.  Work is really testing me because of my self proclaimed adaptability I've been paired with a handful of challenging colleagues.  "Make it work," I'm flexible - but my patience is wearing thin.

Jimmy and I rearranged our room and it feels refreshing.  There's a better working space and better use of the floor.  I'm thrilled about it.  I'm not thrilled about random visitors in our bedroom.  We live in an attic space and 3 times this year we've heard scratching in the walls.  This forced us to create elaborate traps.  Eventually we take our captured guest to a near by dumpster.  I'll let your imagination run wild.  But it's nothing you wouldn't find in an attic of any suburban home.

I sat down with Jimmy and told him that I needed to feel appreciated.  That I know that he appreciates everything I do for him, but I just need to hear it more often because I'm crazy.  It's a reassurance feeling that I need to not feel as if I'm being taken advantage of.  He completely understands and was glad that we talked about it.  I rationalized because it was how I was raised - "thank yous" and "you shouldn't have" and "you're so wonderful" were toss around when I grew up.  Though there is power in silence and actions... I need words.  Which is why I hate house music.

Heading to New York on November 7th to just take another trip.  Why not?

And that's it.  I've become vastly boring.

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