Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eating Out September and September Antics

I feel like I've blogged about these places before, but I can't find the entry.  Oh well! I'm too lazy to link these places, but ya'll know how to google things.

Homemade Chickpea soup!  Alysia gave me the recipe, it was super tastey
Jerky Beef - Ruen Pair - This is fun to eat as you wrap it in sticky bamboo rice and dip in fish sauce, for for some reason it was chewy that night
Chashu Hash Skillet - Jist Cafe in Little Tokyo - amazing.  Though Andrew didn't like this very much, I was sold by the fact that it was a "family recipe."
Indian Salad - Agra on the West Side... I'm sure you know where this is going.  It was okay.
Nem Nuong - Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa - Very hole in the wall, but it's fun to do family still Vietnamese pork DIY Spring Rolls
Samosa House - Okay, this place is amazing.  Great price, great flavors I loved it so much
Strange Noodle Soup Thing - Indo. pop up in Venice.  It was shit.  Don't eat it.
Family Night at Ernestos!  Yum pasta dish with Andy stopping by

Friends were amused at melting Snowman Jelly Window Cling.  It's time to take this down.

Alright, not really a great month for food, but lots of antics.

At work, clothes is optional.... but if you do wear clothes, blend into a couple of objects.

Keeping my desk entertaining and watching my coworker do abs between emails.

At home I found great satisfaction in filling my Soy Sauce bottle with Soy Sauce packets.  The struggle is "too real" commented a Facebook friend.  And this is what we do about air conditioner in September in the house... Yes frozen OtterPop fan.

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