Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Festivities - Keep up the Spirit!

To continue the tradition of going to haunted houses and mazes, we checked out the Queen Mary's Haunted Harbor event and I was 100% impressed.  Everything was elaborate and terrifying.

I enjoyed the newest circus themed maze - there was so much detail.  The maze on the ship that was embellished to be sort of a virus containment unit was terrifying.  We systematically asked to wait a few minutes before going in so that there was a large gap between our groups of maximum effects.  I felt like I was in a movie.

I believe the ship is haunted for sure.  My phone stopped working and we had to take this picture 7 times to get it to show up.  The cast member was a great sport.

When these pictures came out I was so thrilled.  What a fun night and worth coming early to avoid lines.

Halloween at work was a bit silly.  I just reused my tiger costume from Bay to Breakers.  My coworkers called out a huge alcohol stain on front of the outfit.  I was slightly embarassed.  My animal rights activist coworker didn't have a costume so I made her wear Bien's chicken costume I had laying in my car trunk and hold a sign "do I look like a nugget to you?"  We had a conference call that day so other offices could see our festivities.  Sadly we were really the only office to car to dress up.  I love the spirit.  It makes life that much more pleasant. 

Jimmy and I made it to the Yelp! Halloween event at Lock and Key.  I stole sushi chef outfits from the work's marketing closet for the evening.  It was a nice quick cheat.

Pumpkin Carving

Since we throw a huge Christmas party, we usually depend on others to throw a Halloween event.  But we do have pumpkin carving during a random weekday.  I buy everyone $2 small CVS pumpkins to carve.  Except Charles, he's a size queen and bought his own monster of a pumpkin.

 So FALL! I was impressed at the pop references.

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