Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hipster Trap

Sometimes in July we were victims of a Hipster Trap in DTLA.  Sometimes I'm really confused at what a hipster is... are they rich are they poor?  Do they shop at Urban Outfitters or thrift stores?  Do they like food trucks, brunch or tacos? Do they work?  I... I just don't know anymore.  So I'm making up my own definition.

Hipster:  A group of people that you are judging due to their life choices, but then you find yourself behaving like them two hours later...  I think that's fair.

Anyway - I found about this event thing and decided to check it out and it was a hipster trap because...

What is that thing hanging from the ceiling?  And what is that music he's playing?

...and what is that "Art?"  and why is that PBR Free?

And... why do they look like that?

Runnnnnnn Charles the Hipsters are coming!

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