Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moonlight Hike - Los Angeles Hiking Group unites strangers with common interests.  I recently went on the "TGIF Full Moon Night Hike...Griffith Park" which was a level 5 hike that resulted in a picnic on top and a glorious full moon.  I found a picture of us on the event page!

The group was very diverse, but we didn't make any friends that day.  We met at Griffith Park by the Merry Go Round  and started our 1.5 hour journey.

It was already getting magical.

The moon was visible so we took a quick shot.  Jimmy is a sweaty man.

The sun setting.  Now you can see the Hollywood sign.

Day and Night

We added our own moonlight using our iPhone flashlights.

Our new friend wished us a good night.

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