Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eating Out August

Enjoyed these Chicken Potpie like morsels at King Hua dim sum in Alhambra and of course my favorite - flakey taro crescents.  This place takes out the fun in dim sum carts and allows customers to select what they want to eat from a menu.  Less fun, but more fresh!

Stopped by Fosselman's Ice Cream which has a lot of history.  I'm not one to love or crave ice cream, but this was a lovely treat.

Found some boba at Bobaloca near my work.  They also served amazing sandwiches and a pretty solid milk tea for this area.  Oh look!  I match the silhouette!

Found a hidden gem in Monterey Park reading Gastronomy Blog.  This cute Burmese restaurant called Daw Yee Myanmar Cafe is worth checking for their fried dishes and tea salad.  Didn't like the noodle dishes too much, but this place definitely is unique.

Stopped by Tasty Garden for a Hong Kong style dinner.  Charles was hoping for Hong Kong Tea without milk.  Waitress said no.

This Silverlake Ramen gave me intense indigestion.  Probably because it was extra fatty, spicy and flavorful and my body was still adjusting from coming back from Asia.  Dab was moving out and gave us a couple of things to remind us of him like old cameras and books he never read.

Yu Chun probably serves the best Naeng Myun or Korean Cold Noodles in town.  I never really liked this dish because I felt like I was going to choke on the noodles.  But on a hot summer day (look how they're dressed) it was really good.  Their bibimbap is spectacular as well!  Huge portion and should be shared.   Our meal came with this soup that I swear tasted like KFC.  We concluded it was just a bowl of MSG.  Mmmmmmmmm.  My new fav!

Huan came to town so we stopped by BCD Tofu House.  Nothing much else to say about this very popular soondubu joint.



Tommy Lei said...

Expert insider tip: HK milk tea without milk is just Lipton red tea or PG Tips! If you want to go the fancy route, get some Assam blends from Chado or TeaStation <3


Vegas and Food said...

I've been thinking about silverlake ramen. I've been wanting to try since they opened and still haven't. I hope I get a chance to go there this year.