Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bay Area - Catching Up

In mid July I took a pretty good bay trip to visit family and work.

I drove up with my cousin and visited my family.  Enjoy San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose.  The mexican joint there is terrible.

I reached out to San Jose friends and discovered a Night Market.  After having a large chicken cutlet, Japanese Hotdog and pork fries - really nothing special. They had ping pong!  

And then I found myself at the San Jose Obon Festival.  Finally participating in the dance and playing bingo!  The highlight was this nickel game.

I spent the next day catching up with Aaron while he got his picture taken for the NoH8 campaign.  We chilled in Hayes Valley which is my new favorite SF neighborhood.

Got dropped off in the Castro to congratulate Jon on his triathlon. 

Had a really good dinner with Joe at Perilla in Inner Sunset.  Really impressed with this place.

The main purpose of the trip was to take personality tests to strengthen our team at work.  The middle picture is the financial-like SF office that I felt was really dreary.  The bottom is the corporate office near Palo Alto.

Check out what this personality test had to say about me.  Wow.  I'm always impressed with this sort of stuff.  I'm a gold blue which means that I like making notes and creating lists and staying organized along with being a people person to put it simply.

That's all I remember from the trip, but I had a good time catching up.

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