Monday, July 29, 2013

Work Activities

Who am I to complain about work?

My stress level has been a bit high because I cover more accounts than I should slash want to.  And with that, more things slip through the cracks.  I'm not at my best and I hate that feeling.  I also made a small mistake by being too proactive over the weekend that cost me a little of my pay.  UGH UGH UGH. I used to work until 6PM and then work out to beat traffic.  But for the past two months I've just been working through the the allotted time and physical fitness motivation is thrown out the window.  I've essentially gained back the weight that I lost this year. 

But... I love it.  I love my coworkers and activities. They've become my friends and people who essentially care about each other... to an extent of course.  They're the straight friends that I've lost when I devoted all my time making gay friends because they "understood me better."  Straight friends that are comfortable around me and make me feel special because I'm the gay one in the group.  Straight friends that ask about my boyfriend and other personal questions that most people keep separate from work.  It's quite nice to find a home at a place you spend most of your time.

K1 Racing

I drive like your grandmother.  The case is proven when the workers at this racing venue held up "let them pass" sign when I drove by because I was blocking traffic.... just like real life!  Sorry I'm not flooring it.

I am the first place loser.  Though maybe that's best because someone got their hand crushed at a sharp corner.  The electric powered carts are dangerous at high speeds.

Del Mar Racing

I took a party bus to bet on horse races in San Diego.  Learned that you can win a lot by just picking the right horses to win, place etc. etc.  Someone won $200 after putting in $4.  I was more concentrated on the outfits.  Big floppy hats and mint juleps.  I'm glad I was able to make use of my $1.50 bow tie I got from Daiso.

My strategy for betting?  The gayest name like Glitter Ball and Galatic Spinner.... of course this wasn't the best strategy.  I quit after losing $4.  And they're off!

Postal Service Concert at The Greek LA

I never really enjoyed concerts, but got a chance to give it another shot with my coworkers during a team outing.  Pit tickets!?!  I reminded my boss that we were both quickly approaching 30 and needed seats.  But to my delight, being really close to the artist singing nostalgic songs is quite amazing.  I've been doing it wrong this entire time buying nose bleed seats - I might as well have watched the concert on TV.

And the 4 large beers helped as well. 

"...that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss, they're perfectly aligned."

It was magical.  

We got dirty dogs, street meat, bacon wrapped hotdogs in Echo Park.  My boss regretted that in the morning... I however felt satisfied.  Nothing like a midnight treat.

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