Monday, December 3, 2012

October Birthdays - Wine, Chicken and First Birthday

Jimmy's birthdays have always been outdoorsy.  Soon after the celebration, a handful of artsy facebook photo albums pop up since folks take the opportunity to use their SLRs and fancy cameras.  Last year was a picnic at the Getty.  This year was celebrated at Malibu Wines for wine tasting.

Dapper attire involves many many bow ties.  Bien thought of this awesome compilation.

Alysia - the woman in my life

No outside alcohol allowed, so we brought soju infused watermelon and vodka infused gummy bears. Slimy.

Some strangers said we were the best dressed group there!  Dress to impress.

More AMAZING pictures here and here.

For Jlo's birthday we had a huge potluck that involved chicken from around the world.

Honey Kettle Chicken
Zankou Chicken
Home made chicken adobo
Chicken Katsu
Gluton Free chicken



I also had a chance to make it to my cousin's daughter's first birthday!  I got her a toy cell phone, I thought it was funny but of course, she already had one.  So many presents!

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