Monday, October 17, 2011

Picnic at the Getty

Jimmy decided months in advance that he wanted a birthday celebration with friends at the Getty in the grassy area.  It was hot and the sky was clear.

I really was about your entrance.  We had about 25 folks show up for a potluck.

We had so much food.  We were able to sneak in wine, but the security were really sticklers about drinking on the grass despite all the Yelp! reviews that say otherwise.  "I SAW YOU POURING, PUT IT AWAY."  Calm your nuts, go look at a painting or something.

You couldn't miss us.  We had marked our territory at the Getty with piles of belongings and blankets.  Strangers were taking pictures of us, I guess they've never seen so many gays near a cultural center before.

Everyone had their SLR cameras that day.  It was as if they were anticipating perfect weather.  There were literally 5 albums on facebook after the event.  This is a collection of my favs.

What made the picnic wonderful was the art that was sitting in the building right next to where we were set up.  Here is John checking out one of his favorite piece.

Thank god for shade.  It was getting a bit too hot.  We were getting really comfortable.

We gave out party goody bags with candies, heart sunglasses and condoms.

If you didn't like the art, you can roll down the hill...

...or make friends with Vera Wang who got lost in the Getty.  We're guessing she was trying to get her mail from her mansion and ended up at the Getty.

I drove through all of LA to find this hello kitty cup cake tower for Jimmy.  And the cupcakes were from our neighborhood custom cake vendor Cake Studio.  There was red velvet, raspberry, almond and chocolate.

Another birthday gift:

Instead of having everyone sign a card for Jimmy, I provided cardstock with a photo for people to decorate.  I found Dab's the most creative.

I didn't think people would be so creative, but I managed to get everyone to make a special card for Jimmy and presented the stack at the picnic. 

Thank god for picasa, it would have been impossible to find these particular pictures without face recognition!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Jimmy is loveable and folks would take the time to do something for him given the opportunity.  I'm lucky that he iz mine.

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