Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bootie LA Prom!

Loving these themed parties. Jimmy and I came as nerdy prom dates.  We were wearing the bow ties that I made from neckties and boutineers I picked from the street, wrapped with ribbon and pinned to our suspenders.   Zooming on the craftsmanship:

Yeah, the flowers were dying at that point, but at least they added color.  Jimmy never went to prom in high school.  I was proud to be his first prom date.  :]

Phil's friends :D
Some folks didn't get the prom memo, but those who did went all out.

321 BOYZ

Check out Carrie:

And this latex couple:

They also had a prom Queen, King and Couple.  The winners:

This chick had a baby fall out of her dress and then she ate it.  It was amazing.

This steampunk couple won prom couple.

And TRON dude for Prom King

Two guys went up for Prom couple and the MC said, "you have to KISS to be considered a real couple." And one of the guys shook his head 'no' and walked off stage.  Everyone boo'd.  We saw them make out with girls a couple of minutes later to re-secure themselves - how sad.  Just peck your friend, whats the big deal?  Jimmy and I should have entered the contest.

Party all niiiiighhht.

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the guy in the read beanie is cute