Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Words from My Trip

I didn't know what to buy on the east coast so I just bought a ridiculous hat to match Michelle. Best purchase ever.

It was nice to experience the Holidays in the cold.

After we had a home cooked meal and played this game called PIT. Which I LOVE! And will bring to my family Christmas party. Check out my pokerface:

I was craving Pizza. Yum. clams!

Michelle and I were getting pumped for our outing. Luckily, after going to a testerony sports bar where all the guys in DC were watching Ultimate fighting, Front Page was playing awesome hip hop music. I'm talking songs that had those catch phrases. Michelle and I ate that shit up.

"Move bitch! Get out the way!"
"I wanna lick lick lick you from your head to your toes!"
"Shake that thinggg"
"Crazy in love.. uh oh. uh oh"

Shit that's not auto tuned. But I realized at that point that I was a part of an aging generation and it's gonna be harder and harder to find clubs that are willing to play a little LUDA!

The next morning we had home made ramen before my flight. Yum!

Here are a couple of NYC party pictures I forgot to post from RockIt:

Carl is modeling from "H to T"

My last meal in NYC: CaraCas Venezuelan food!

I got all these recommendations for food in LA. Can't wait to continue my food adventure.


The Holidays are here!

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Vimesh said...

Finally Some pizza pics:):)