Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New York Trip Part II

I was just about done and pressed POST when Blogspot logged me out.  It's 12:44AM and I want to go to sleep with Jimmy, but I have to finish this.

- Tenement Museum
- More pizza
- Shake Shack
- Karaoke in KStreet (not K town, it's not big enough.)
- A couple more bars

 It was great to catch up with an old coworker and to stay with Carl.  Carl's OCD scared me a little, but it trained me to be a good guest especially since he worked from home.  He found floss on the floor, but I'm gonna stand by my story and say that it was his roommates. 

 Ended the trip at Central Park:

I would never live in New York

The entire time I was there I felt insignificant.  I was a tiny seed in the big apple that wouldn't be missed if I was picked off.  I did not make a difference as so many people and buildings around me meant more to the big picture.  No one there seemed like they were from there, they were all just visiting.  The amount of tourist seemed to have out numbered the locals.  Nothing is yours... I talk about hidden LA, but I don't think there's a Hidden New York because somebody already discovered it, wrote about it... and there are 100 others wanting to experience it as well.

It's a great city, yes, but I was homesick.  I missed my affordable house and clique of gaysians.  I think LA food is better (except Pizza and Venezuelan food.)  I haven't found anything comparable to Caracas' Arapas. 

New York, you're okay.


ernasty said...

My sister's husband also felt insignificant in NYC.

Me, I think it's a better excuse to make a spectacle of yourself and go all out on your dreams.

thwany said...

but NYC has so many hidden spots... and you make it yours, no one can take that feeling away from you. and sorry but nowhere in the world compares to NYC's culinary scene---it's as eclectic and interesting as the people who live there.

okay, i finished drinking my LA haterade.

Luuworld said...

cheers for new york! :)

Carl's Cup of Chai said...

Haha, that floss was yours. I remember you flossing sitting against the wall.

But I think you and other tourists have a skewed view of what it would be like to live in New York because you're visiting, wanting to pack in doing everything for your week there instead of actually living there. The average New Yorker is not going to museums, eating out 6 meals a day, going on tours, and clubs that are.. suspect.

There's a lot of beauty in New York that I would have loved to show you. I used to visit and say that I loved New York but could never live there, and then after one visit of saying that, I moved to NY 4 months later and it was the best decision of my life.