Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving is Optional

Thanksgiving High

Annual All American Thanksgiving Feast at My Aunt's

"What did you do at Berkeley then!?"
"um... Culture?"
"this is culture."

I started to cough and hack and walked down the street away from my two cousins.

"could you guys be any more obvious?"
"want some?"
"no, I have a sore throat."

When I walked back inside I realized that this Thanksgiving is going to be the most delicious I've ever had.  My cousin pulled me aside, "you're good, but I have some Visine if you need it."  I think I had an obnoxious grin the whole evening.  And shit, everything was so funny.  I think I was the only one laughing at one point, rolling on my side on the couch.  My cousin thanked me, "I needed that, thanks for joining me... there's a lot of people here."  Things made sense... my cousin made more sense.

I felt bad for reprimanding my brother last year.  How is this different from the sangria vodka I just pour him?  Oh that's right.. the legality... wait my brother is 18... same thing!

Except what I ate was the equal to the amount I wanted to eat

I over ate.  My gut was extremely painful.  Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pasta, bread, soup, cake, cake, cake... I kept eating.

People stopped talking to me, they were distracted with newborns.  I realized what an attention whore I was at these things and when family stopped talking to me, I retreated to the couch.  I laid down in pain.  I felt good and bad at the same time and when my parents took me home I just slept into the night.

It was nice to see family, but I'm bummed that my high school potluck event is no more.  I'm concerned that our Christmas event will suffer the same fate.  It would be our 8th Annual this year!


 Thanksgiving is Optional

For folks who live far from home it's either Thanksgiving OR Christmas.  Since the latter includes gifts Thanksgiving becomes very optional.

This is a new idea for me as Thanksgiving has always been mandatory.

I'm realizing this now as a good chunk of my high school friends decided not to return home because moving away and escaping home was the whole point of leaving and visiting once (during gift exchange) is the only need.

I think as we get older and have more control on our whereabouts, these holidays have become an opportunity for us to recognize who we consider our other family- a separate family that deserves equal celebration.   For obligatory celebration with those of consanguinity, it seems that substances help relieve anxiety from expectation.  Anyway, I've found myself taking shots with my cousin of the same age and watch others down their wine; and now a new form of.... relaxant has been introduced to me as an option at these family functions.

I'm missing a potluck at 321. In this passed year, they have become my family.  Ern said he will send me pictures, but we all know... I'm the only one that takes pictures.  I wish I could be two places at once... maybe I should call up my cousin and we can make that happen.

It's cold.

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