Friday, October 29, 2010

Car Image

The deal I'm offering is sweet for what you get. Condition is as good as you will find used. I was like you, on the market for a long time before buying... 

I met up with this business professional in Long Beach to see his Jeep Wrangler that he was selling for what he considered a steal.  I came in hoping to negotiate very low.  As I test drove the Jeep, I realized that he wouldn't/couldn't meet my low budget.  He was disappointed that he had driven 1.5 miles to show his Jeep to someone who wasn't "serious."  "My time is very precious," he claimed.

I talked it over with my dad. I could easily put down money for this vehicle that was in mint condition, but it didn't feel right to pay so much.  I shook his hand and declined his "rock bottom offer" that was $750 less than his asking.

 You're not going to find a better Jeep for a better deal... or from a better owner.

"You're probably right."  He knew a lot about his car and off the bat he told me that he wasn't out to rip anyone off OR rip himself off.  He sold me the car, I just didn't have the money for it.


I began to reconsider this Jeep fetish that I have.  As I drove the jeep, I didn't feel safe.  He showed me the scar on his elbow from when he rolled and the meter that was attached to his dash board that determined the tilt level of the Jeep.  "It'll tell you if you're approaching the red."

I asked naively, "if you're in the red...isn't it too late?"
"Yes, you're pretty much f'ed." Jeeps are known to be top heavy.  Turns need to be taken with caution.

As we walked away Jimmy pat my head, "I'm glad you didn't get it.  It was too expensive."
"yeah."  Though earlier, Jimmy was telling me that long term happiness is what I'm paying for.
"You don't want to have buyer's remorse."


Why can I only imagine myself with a Jeep?  It's the only car I've ever wanted.  Jimmy told me that it's the image.  At that point I realized that while I criticize people for owning luxury cars, I am no better than they are because I want a vehicle that is impractical, unsafe, overpriced simple because it would make me feel good about myself! 

It makes absolutely no sense to have a Jeep in LA.  Yet I'm on this ridiculous hunt.

When I had a truck, I would feel good with every praise that I got. "Love that you drive a truck. It's so hot. etc etc etc." I felt sexy, macho, awesome... as if it was a luxury car that I was showing off like a status symbol.  But I need listen to my own criticisms when I see my friends driving in Lexus, BMWs, whatever and that is...

... it's just a car.


So here I am- reconsidering a Jeep and looking at practicality, affordability, reliability.  Things that I omitted when I did my car research.  I know nothing about cars.  I no longer care.  Just get me from point A to point B.

When I reach that point when I have that much money just laying around, when im a better driver, when I don't care about gas.. then I will get my Jeep.

Ugh. I hate car shopping.  I just want to win one from the Price is Right.


Anonymous said...

what a butch post

P. said...

You should take a look at Mazda3.

It looks very sporty and will fit well with your age range. The price is reasonable. MPG is not bad for a 2.5L engine (powerful enough for a car this size).

If you want something practical (i.e., it's just a car), then lease a reliable Corolla for less than $100 a month and put the rest of your money in IRA.

thwany said...

jeeps are sexy, just like you...

Gauss Jordan said...

I have the same problem. I actually bought my current car purely on looks, and a single test drive. I tested zero other cars. It was 100% an image thing. Someone told me that your home reflects who you really are, and your car reflects who you want to be.

What do these two things tell you about yourself?