Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mony and Joe Surprise Visit

I came back to the house to find these punks waiting for me.  WHOA!  My boys from the bay are in town on an impromptu trip because they had miles... I guess I'll have to put something together for us to do.

LACMA!  There was a pie content and if you wore an apron you were able to get in for free.  This was what I was able to find for them.  I confused people though asking for the Pie Eating Contest .. which I think would be a more interesting event.

This is Joe observing the exhibits at LACMA.

This is the result of me making fun of joe and his efforts at taking some camera trick pictures.

We grabbed some potato balls from Portos (chicken is the best!) and took a nice nap at Echo Park... and they were off.

What a nice weekend.

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