Saturday, September 14, 2013

Exploring Spring Street in DTLA

I planned a lunch at Grand Central Market to try Sticky's Rice's Hainese Chicken Rice dish that LA Weekly said was one of the best.  It was wonderful!  And recently we discovered that the garage next door is one hour free with validation.  Score!

But too late for this day, we parked on the street which allowed us to do a little exploring specifically on Spring Street

Grand Central Market is evolving with newer trendier places to eat which includes Sticky Rice, Horse Theft BBQ and Egg Slut which is getting a lot of hype.  My coworker from London says that Egg Slut does their bacon like in the UK and she loves it.  It seems like the original food stands don't seem shaken by the new competition ... if anything it brings in more people into the market.  Hopefully this market keeps its charm and continues to grow humbly.

Spring Street Park is also a new addition to DTLA.  It's nestled between tall buildings and offers a nice walk way and play area for children.

As we kept walking we noticed a surprise farmers market that was about two blocks long.  How pleasant.  This guy's socks caught my eye.

I've walked through the Last Bookstore, but I never explored the upstairs which was an awesome adventure complete with art, vintage goods, mazes and secret reading rooms.

I don't know if sorting the book by color is helpful.

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