Monday, March 19, 2012

January Recap

Let's be honest. I just eat. January's highlight is this Bi Bim Bap dish that Jimmy whipped up at home. He made the sauce from scratch and grilled the pork. One of the best meals I've had. Especially since he adds that one special ingredient that you can't get from any restaurant.

Other meals worth noting:

  • Exorbitant Cheese plate and wine pairing from Providence
  • DineLA at Spice Table in Litte Tokyo - Finally got to try Laksa which was delicious!  (Thought about celebrating national noodle month, but then realized that I always celebrate noodles.)  The Lamb skewers were my favorite.
  • Ethiopian dinner from Meals by Genet - going clubbing after was a terrible idea since the sponge bread made us al bloated. We all looked like we wanted to die.
  • Enjoyed my afternoon Tea set at Chado Tea Room
  • Had the WORST brunch ever at Canele (not everything written in LA Weekly is credible... my rant is on Yelp) 
  • Enjoyed a Taiwanese brunch at Huge Tree Pastry and a late night snack at The Prince

I eat so good, it hurts so bad.

We checked out the Culver City Art Walk which is much better than the Downtown LA Art Walk.  People in Culver City seemed to appreciate the art more rather than just wandering around because it's cool like they do in downtown.  Also, folks looked like they were from New York wearing tons of black and layering while they criticized objects that don't affect their lives.

We also checked out the Digital Darkroom exhibit at The Annenberg which I thought was very interesting.  "Digital Darkroom features the work of 17 artists from around the world that explore the intersection of art and technology."  Lots of photoshop.

...and in between was lots of chilling in my Russian hat and girdle.

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mich said...

is that special ingredient called l-o-v-e?