Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter Wonderland

3 months behind. But Merry Christmas everyone!  It's become a tradition to have these makeshift photobooths at 321 parties, but the results are hilarious.  I told Jimmy that my "budget" to buy props for the booth was no more than a dollar per item.  Apparently that's not a real budget because I probably purchased 20 random objects for this thing.

What added to the diaster was fake snow and shipping peanuts.  The room was a diaster after the evening, but we got some good American Beauty shots.

Tradition has it to play white elephant.  TWO rounds, but while I was a bit too drunk really to facilitate.     But it was 2 hours of hilarity.

Everyone except Ed...per usual

321 Family Grows

The thing about 321 is that it fosters conversation... even between rooms and hallways.

Jingle Juice got everyone all loose and in the spirit.


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