Saturday, September 24, 2011

We'll Take You to Amazing Places

It's been a while since someone visited me, but when folks do I think we do a good job at showing them around town.

I took my cousins downtown to watch a Grand Performance.  In the middle of sky scrappers is this auditorium.  During the summer there are free shows that vary from Spoken word, musical performance, dance, theatre etc.  We watch a dance performance by Diavolo and Noruz.
After was Daikokuya.  The deconstructed ramen has become my favorite.

Karaoke followed at Max studios.  The night ended with My Heart Will Go On.

The day after was spent at the Lotus Festival.  The last Lotus Festival before they shut down the entire Echo Park Lake to drain and landscape for 2 years.  *Sad Face*

The thing about one of my cousins is that she's from Switzerland and that means she loves to shop because American clothing is so cheap.  It was such a bad idea to take her to Melrose street.  We basically walked the entire area spending at least 40 minutes in each store.  Sort of wanted to die.  But not before this dance break in the middle of the street.  This food truck hand an awesome DJ spinning Calvin Harris - Acceptable in the 80s.

Though it was easy to entertain my cousin because she was obessed with all things Japanese.  Luckily, we live next to Little Tokyo and headed back there for her to spurge on J-things.

Wurstk├╝che dinner.

 A handful of folks know that Royal T is a great tea place with an amazing art gallery.  Not many know how amazing their brunch menu is.  These mini sliders were amazing and the soba salad my cousin ordered was perfect.  This is what I mean by Hidden LA.  There's your famous burger joints and ramen, but those places make you wait in long lines because of its popularity.  I refuse to wait in lines when there are amazing places everywhere.

 An LA trip would not be complete without a beach!

My cousin also agreed (enthusiastically) to be a model for Jimmy.  Check it out:


Come visit me!  We'll take you to amazing places. 

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