Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Laughter Wanes

As of 10/1 Ern is moving out of 321 and into his boyfriend's house about 5 miles away in Los Feliz.  Though I'm happy for him and excited to move into his GIANT room with Jimmy, I'm starting to get bummed about not seeing him around the house laughing at nothing and making ugly faces.

It felt good to be around his energy and act silly and ridiculous while Sam and Jimmy stared at us in utter confusion.  Through out the years we've developed a considerable amount of inside jokes and it was always, always a relief to come home to chat with him after a long work day.

At the beginning when we started decorating he would always say, "it's finally starting to look like a home..." and then he stopped saying it because it became a home.

During drives through LA we'd make up song lyrics which is something I did with Aaron in San Jose.. maybe it's a Filipino thing, but we'd always have a good laugh.  And the times he'd grab my camera to check himself out in recent photos I took of him.

I'll miss him updating his status on his computer causing my phone to vibrate.  He would go.. "that's just me.." and then I go, "i know."  And even that made us laugh.  I'll also miss giving him really good advise. One time when he was sad/lonely about something I reassured him that "some people were meant to just have cats..."

Thanks to him I have about a dozen hideous photos of me doing the Duck Face.  Though I guess, I would have done that face anyway, but now it has a label.

Though one thing I wont miss are the times he throws really hard things at me... like books or a shoe... and sucks for me: he had really great aim and always managed to get my face.  You know.. I don't think any one of my friends has ever intentionally thrown HARD things at me... only pretend throw when they were "mad."

I also have a list of "Black Girl Names" that we came up with in my phone like Tehrangela, Confrentatia, Convolutia, Fabreesha, Camadre, Ergonamy, Expresha and Teahze.


I can't believe he's giving up this:

For this:

We would have made great boyfriends if the whole being attracted to each other thing wasn't so important.

Thanks for everything Ern. You introduced me the best part of LA.
Oh Cool... you're keeping a set of keys.

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