Sunday, September 25, 2011


Thought it would be a great way to close the summer with a BBQ, but with a tribute to 90's / Early 2000's R&B music.  Welcome to the R&BBQ.  See what we did there?

I learned something about skewers: wet them so the don't burn and pack the food close together because exposed skewer will cause it to break.  Yes. I lacked this logic and told folks to space out the food and about half the sticks fell a part.

We had an assembly line going on.  Mushrooms for obnoxious.. i mean vegetarian guests.

Jimmy put together 7 hours of reminiscent music.  The day time kick back became a karaoke session.

We also had folks dress up to the best of their ability.  I wish I kept my Old Navy Tech vest and overalls. Ern won with his cargo pants and baggy polo.

Not sure what's going on here, but for a moment Ern and I stood against the wall with our arms crossed nodding our heads to the music imitating a time when we didn't have cellphones to look at in order to not look bored at a party... yeah you remember doing that.

Happy birthday Brian, here's a slice of cake I found in the fridge.. ... I mean, DESSERT!  :D

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