Monday, December 14, 2009

Visiting People, Places and Food

In New York I experienced....


Before coming to the East coast I did a facebook search by location to see who was around. You don't have to be best friends to visit people. I feel like by being a part of their life in a chapter at one point is enough to reconnect with them.

I stayed with Carl.

I told Carl that he makes me appreciate food. The "harmony of flavors" is what makes or breaks what Carls finds to be a good meal. And with every analyzed dish, I found myself enjoying the what was on my plate more and more. He described the Peanut Butter cookie from Momofuku Milk bar as... "perfectly crunchy and a soft center that seals the deal." He described the Pork Buns from Ippudo as "each ingredient being perfect, the lettuce, the tender pork, the fresh bun."

And instead of shoveling food into my mouth, I found myself slowly eating; enjoying my overpriced meal and experiencing food with all my senses.

Carl introduced me to his girls. No surprise, I loved them! Their personalities, their fun nature.. their class. Very cool people.

I got the opportunity to visit Nick! Nick is from another chapter of my life in college and seeing him brought back great memories. He introduced me to Speak easies and we caught up. We planned to go karaoke at 1PM after he got off work, but never really got a chance. Next time buddy!

I met Andy through Sandy. In July I caught him in LA. He had just back down from the bay area and planned to bike to the east coast. He told me that he would be in New York by December and bam- there he was.

He told me that he could sleep anywhere after being homeless for months. I wish I could say that I biked across the country. We were both newbs to New York so we did touristy things together until we froze our fingers off.

Oh look: It's Thwany! He took me to his favorite gay bar... and there were go-go dancers on the bar. They weren't just dancing, but crawling on the bar on all fours with their asses hanging out. One minute I had a drink in my hand, the next minute my hand was next to some balls. LOL.

I thought I was cool meeting up with a blogger, but actually we had a couple of mutual friends and oh, he works with Nick. Lol. Tiny ass world.

Will, my old roommate, found out I was in NYC through twitter. LOL. We met up a couple of times for coffee and meals. Will is always doing something amazing... this time he was flown to NYC last minute to give a talk. I wish I was flown somewhere to give a talk, but no one wants to hear about what I ate for lunch.

I've known Quy since high school. He always reminisce about our Choir class. He told me that when I was absent, he would be lost because he would depend on me to find the note. Right now he's in optometry school in New York. I visited at a bad time for him, he was in the middle of finals, otherwise he would have taken me out drinking. He told me that he was happy to see a familiar face. I was glad to reconnect.

I was always a little off when I talked about places in New York. Like the High Lane, Grand Century Station, Bryant Center... etc.. but at least I got there.

The streets were always crowded with people though it felt lonely. The cold was getting to me and I wasn't used to being so bundled up. There was a lot to see, but I saved some of the sights for the future. I want to experience the rest of New York with some one who hasn't experienced it either. Here are a couple of pictures of the places I saw.


Seriously. I ate a lot. Please comment if you are wondering about any of these dishes, otherwise I'll just let you enjoy this food porn.

I tried to go to every place that was recommended, but I was getting poor. I also tried to go to cheaper places because you shouldn't have to break the bank to eat well. Word.

I have a couple of more pictures from my gay clubbing, but I'll save that until later. I'm tired.

Reconnect, go site seeing and appreciate food.


Alex C. said...

So cool that you met up Thwany in NY. I met Kareem from the Blackoutblog when I was in NYC. It's such a cool feeling to meet blogger friends.

Remember when you and I were at Lime together and snuck into my photo. You totes should have said hi!


Luuworld said...

yay! i like it when blog buddies meet up. i can feel a warm feeling in my tummy

Vimesh said...

the food porn pics are Amazing....!!!!

and also of you and your friends....

have a great week and a happy holidays !!!! :) :)