Friday, January 25, 2008

People Who Always Think About You

I went to the gym yesterday and oh man, my tummy is getting all sorts of trim!

I have to thank Jane for motivating me to go. We seriously talked like two hens on the eliptical at the 24 Hour Fitness down on Santa Teresa. I bet we have a lot of enemies who can't stand our squabble. And GOSH, what's up with those bikes? It hurts my knees and ass. BLAH! I'd rather glide on air!

This Saturday at 11am, I'm going to attend a free dance workshop at Ariel Dance Productions. Anyone want to join me? Yeah!

Anyhow. When I left the gym, I got a phone call from Huan. He invited me to Dave & Busters and I drove to Mony's to get ready and drag him along. There, I was greeted by some familiar faces; mostly from the dancing scene at Berkeley. They were all friendly. The birthday girl gave me a hug. It's funny cuz our parents always kick it like some middle aged Vietnamese clique. WEIRD.

AND I ran into my Cousin! HOLLA! Looking all cute with her new bangs. I imagined her at the salon: "yes, I would like something HIGH FASHION... Something SHEER GENIUS! Something.. that works. Fierce baby fierce!" And the hairdresser going, "OH honey, I know exactly what to do!" CHOP! Walah! Bangs that would make the Olsen Twins green with envy. My cousin is never restricted! Love it!

(Yes, I have been watching Project Runway. And yes, I am GLAD they got rid of that Asian Girl Victoria, because she has no personality. Or rather a personality of a log... not a log on fire because that would be more interesting.)

Huan offered me a drink despite the fact that I owe him dinner for writing me a letter of Rec. despite the fact that I haven't visited him, despite the fact that I was the one with a job...

ThatHuan man, always thinking about me.

And I realized yesterday that he really is a good friend. I mean, I rarely hang out with him, but when I do, it's as if we are best friends. If he's ever in the area, he never hesitates me to invite me out. When there's something poppin' he always lets me know. Huan has invited me to a bunch of things. Ski trip, banquets, parties, eatings .... and even though I usually tell him I'm busy, he continues to think of me. He also told me about that Funkanometry class when I was dying to dance. WOW.... but it's not just inviting me to things. He's there to give advice and look out for my well being every time he pops back into my life. Sort of like.. a brother.

And it's important to keep people like that in your lives. Seriously.

After college, your friendship number drops substantially and you can judge who is really your friend by looking through your phone book. There are only a few people that I would call randomly while driving in traffic. And those people know, that they are the ones that I want to keep in my life... or at least try to.

But with me and Huan, it may be a little different because we go way back. No.. I mean WAY BACK. In Elementary school we did The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe together. In middle school, he invited me to his birthday in his tiny little house.... and in college he would greet me with RAWRS and persuaded me to do something for the Berkeley Vietnamese Community.

And when you have people like that... when you are surrounded by good friends who always welcome you... you just feel lucky. Even though it's raining and there are potholes... and hot gay cowboys are dying. You feel... privileged to be in the presence of people who care about you and think about you.

And it's all amazing. There's me and Huan. I was Father Christmas.. he was... Peter? Haha. Yes, he stole the show. But.. that's just Huan.


dannie said...

yay more dancing :]
i have a similar friendship with one of my friends.
i thought i was the only one that wanted victorya kicked off, she annoyed me, just kept blabbing with nothing to back it up with.

Huan said...

i love you too chris =)

sam said...

you really don't like victorya huh? lol i thought she was okay.. some of her designs were nice but her personality was iffy

Jeff Wu said...

oh huan and his rawrs! That reminds me, I need to cook for him sometime. Who doesn't owe Huan something?

mich said...

OMG.... that picture of you two when you were young is SO ADORABLE.