Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am Vietnamese and I can't stop Smiling

San Jose's Vietnamese district building a name for itself

This article that Seyron sent was sort of empowering to me.

But what's interesting is the debate over the name of official Vietnamese District in San Jose.
The possible name of the area represents a lot about the community. And apparently, it's important enough that people speak their mind powerfully. Would people really stop supporting our Vietnamese councilwomen because she wants to be as impartial as possible?

Vietnamese extremest have a lot to be extreme about. They lost their home and family to a government that stole it all away. Why wouldn't they speak out passionately about erasing any sign of the old country that betrayed them?

But to me, in order to make things better in Vietnam is to pour knowledge into the country... and hopefully, its corruption would eventual fade as it succeeds in the modern world. Don't you think?

But as long as you don't call it "Little Ho Chi Minh" or "Vietnam War Town" it's cool with me.


Cal VSA Fall Showcase 2007 Trai Tim Mua Thu

This past Thursday I went to see the VSA Fall Showcase and it was brilliant! Cal VSA scrapped the controversial Date Action and brought back the showcase with a silent auction.

The vibe was pleasant and I felt like I was surrounded by family. At the Date Auctions, I felt embarrassed for the individuals "being sold." I felt dirty watching such a spectacle; people bidding on others "for a good cause." People yelling shit like, "take it off!" "check out this honey, she will give you the best massage," or "blah blah, if you know what I'm saying." Disgusting. It's because of the audience and the MCs that the date auction is so.... nasty. Otherwise, it would be a fun event for friends to make fun and donate to the community. But that's hard to manage. This showcase was a guaranteed success and everyone came out feeling proud, NOT EMBARRASSED of Vietnamese people.

Acts worthy of note: A cạo gió Interpretive Dance, Funny commericals, Hot Singing and Christine's spoken word.

If you don't know Christine, you should. Her spoken word: "I am not my hair." Made me realize that I define myself often by physically characteristics. Not to say, I'm going to stop because I love my hair too much. But of course, there's more to me than my sex appeal. HAHA. JK! It made me wish that I had done spoken word for the show about my Grandma and her meals and never appreciating her. Common topics I feel that a lot of people can relate to.. with a slide show! Ah, too late. But Christine told me to just write it down anyway. Spoken word should not be for a show, but for the self; it is important to stay genuine. Good spoken word are pieces written for only one person to hear, and those who experience a piece of someone elses' heart should consider themselves lucky. Yes.

Just to remind you, Vietnamese food is poppin'. (I had some French Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine for Lunch yesterday at ONYX. 5 Stars, people!)

I also love the ManDance, I mean Fan Dance, portion of the fusion hip hop routine. Cute, adorable, wholesome.. good times. And check out those young future leaders. Sexy. At then end was open mic and these kids who looked really shy started to beat box and pop & lock! DAMN. I wish I had a video, it was hot! At the end JV jumped on stage to sing a song. It was wonderfully silly! :D I loved it all.

And of course, there's Huan. I love that picture because he makes them Huan speeches that is appropriately in front of projected clouds. Reach for the SKY! Be proud of your heritage, yeah Huan. Yay VSA. Yeah John Viet. Foster community and remind people that there's A LOT to be proud of.

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