Friday, March 14, 2008

So Cal Trip!

Long story short:
I missed my best friend Aaron's birthday for the past 5 years, to make up for it I agreed to check out the Shakespearean play he was in. (I know right). I told my boiz and there was only one things to do: ROAD TRIP.. HEY!?!! HAHA

Zto took the reigns and planned a weekend packed full of surprises (most of which was eating).
Peruvian Chinese Cuisine in LA, GamEboi LA, Abbey's LA, Korea Plaza LA (Kid Robot), Sticky Pictures in San Gabriel, Guppies (shaved ice), Sprinkles (cupcakes) Yogurt Land, Boomers (Go Carts and batting cages). Let's see how many we managed to do!

Jose Antonio: Peruvian Chinese Food
Oh there's Joe and Zto representing the collision of two different cultures!

It was actually very delicious. The place was mainly Peruvian. Joe was pleased to hear some authentic Peruvian music for once. Apparently he was tired of hear that Mexican junk on the Radio. The owner (?) was awesome. We all thought he was drunk. The waitress was this SASSY girl who we thought was her niece. Look at her being Sassy, you work it girl!

Adventures on the Road
We needed cash back, but there was only a drive through ATM, so we posed in a car. I also brought our puppets to keep us entertained. LOL.. In LA we spotted this place that says, "Catholic Girls Guide to Losing Your Virginity." Oh man

WeHo (West Hollywood)
After running errands and parking our asses in a hotel we stumbled into WeHo. What a fantastic place. At GamEboi, we started the night with some Washington Apples. They were 11 each. WOW, LA kids must all have income to dispose. The old man giving wrist bands caressed MoAny's back,"take care of the bartender...." He must have saw MoAny's fuck me face.

We met up with Sandy and she was already making friends at the bar. Sandy of course knew a better place: the Cantina. Half off drinks! Our second round of drinks: Margaritas and Surfer on Acid shots from this hip joint.

Abbey Food & Bar
We only had one night to explore this hip, clean, younger socal version of he castro. We headed to Abbey's and picked up some more friends!

Round Three: Tokyo Tea. Zto didn't finish his so MoAny finished it. Ooo, he regretted that one.
At Abbey's Joe pointed out these hot guys. Sandy of course went up t them and tried to talk to them. To her surprise they were Italian. Communication was a problem. I introduced myself and the hot guy said something like.... Esponyol. I threw my hands up and pushed our Peruvian friend into the tracks. Italian and Spanish are of course very different. After we all departed after being very awkward. Joe explained that they could understand each other's language but could not speak the other's. Strange. Aww no pictures of the hot guys.

We decided that we wanted to end the night with some dancing so we headed to GamEboi before it close at 1:30, 2am?? Ridiculous, I guess because it's 18+

GamEboi LA
The guy below in the vest was dancing, we approached him and shouted, "YOU LOOK familiar!" He had no clue what we were talking about, but we took a picture anyway.

We ended the night with a round 4: LC shots. That was the stupidest choice of my life.
I went to the restroom and this boy stopped me to say, "didn't you lifeguard in South San Jose?" I was like. "WHAT!??!? YES!!" He explained that he used to go there. I was amazed he spotted me and I've been trying to find him since. To my memory he goes to Riverside, graduating in 08... Name sounds like Neil?

I spent the rest of the night search for random SoCal friends. I found this one boy that I really wanted to dance with, but instead he nibbled on my ear and left with his friends. BAH.

WeHo Shut Down
The club shut down and we all recovered on the street. MoAny bought us roses from a vendor on the street and we found shelter at this pizza place. We probably bought a whole pizza's worth, but just bought individual slices because we were well.. very drunk.

The Morning After
We were supposed to wake up for a fun full day of LA, but we were all damaged. Somehow we managed to get back to the hotel. Zto cleaned up the pot that was next to my bed, he said there was enough inside to make dinner! Oh goodness.

With hangovers, Pho seemed to be the only solution. Problem: We weren't in West Minister or San Jose. We checked out this place called Planet Noodle in Westwood. Gosh, the name should have been the first clue. I saw on the menu Yakisoba and ordered it immediately because it's one of my favorite dishes. To my disappointment they brought chow mien. BLAST! The Pho was gross. Period.

We managed to inadvertently catch the premiere of Horton Hears a who. Apparently Joe saw Jim Carey, but didn't tell any of us because we were walking head of him. Bah. We got some desserts to cool our burning stomachs.

Venice Beach
Wow. If weren't so sore we were going to rent bikes, but instead we just walked around until we saw enough freaks to last us the rest of the trip.

Riverside: My Original Destination
There's me and Aaron. He's sporting a new do that puts mine to shame. The boiz rested at Aaron's place while I watched his play and went to his cast party. Before his show, my dinner was left over planet noodle Yakisoba. But I didn't have a fork. So I sat there using my fingers like a Berkeley bum. Oh what my life has become.

Did I mention that I hate period pieces? Well, Aaron was awesome so it was worth it! The cast party was fun. I played Rummicub with some kids and drive Aarons butt home.

Buffalo Wild Wings
This is Aaron's favorite Wild Wing place. The Boiz liked it and I stole a menu by stuffing it into my shirt because Zto liked the design. Gosh, some of the wings were extra spicy!

Sticky Pictures in San Gabriel
Even though we were on a tight schedule we knew that we had to do more on our list! So we had some sticky picture fun at this over priced place called Cue! LOL! YAY! Our puppets came in handy.

Dessert Celebration
Next door was an Asian Dessert place. Oooo Healthy fruits. NO not us.. the dish we ordered!

Drive Home
MoAny was constantly popping sour candy to help with his car sickness and we managed to have a quick drive back up. Through out the ride I would shout, "do you guys want to play a game?!" I was sorely ignored. Finally they gave in and we played Contact. And yes, they all loved it. Haha. Bastards.

-Thanks to Joe's Tomtom we managed to keep our detours to a minimum.. we just took the motorway!
-Drive to and from LA was not stressful
-We managed to enjoy each other's company with out over doing it.. awww

-We left our Peruvian Cookies in the Hotel fridge.
-We didn't make it to a lot of things on our list
-Saturday was miserable because we were all sick
-LA traffic sucks balls

Yay more trips to come! Gay Camping anyone?

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