Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Quick Birthday Post a Month After

In your 20s you feel every year.  You're counting down until you reach 30 which seems to be the deadline to achieve all of your goals.  After that, you're just.. "in your 30s."  And that's what it felt like when I turned 33 this year.   

Jimmy truly surprised me for my birthday bringing all our friends into our house for an impromptu party while I was trying to host a game night with new shy faces.  I was thrilled, but not prepared.  As I was frantically pulling out snacks etc. Kevyn whispered to me, "it's okay to not be in control Chris."  And after that I just relaxed and caught up with folks instead of playing with the playlist and lighting.  I got my ube cake and I made new friends and saw old ones.  Jimmy took me out to a nice hidden gem restaurant a week after called Oriel in Chinatown that has become a favorite.

I've noticed that my vision is weakening and I've had my 8th bloody nose yesterday during a client meeting.  I'm seeing a head specialist who will probably cauterize the vessels.  But it was a moment of embarrassment when my clients left me alone in the conference room while I gushed into a trash can for 20 minutes.  I've determined that digesting spicy foods is not the only physical issue to concentrate on.

I had a heavy weekend learning about my friend's drug abuse and trying to properly address it.  I learned about another friend's aunt who's essentially a vegetable because of potential surgery malpractice causing his family severe depression and stress.  It reminded me that our mental health needs to be taken care of along with our physical.


In over 10 years we finally took a family vacation to.... TOKYO!

Crammed into a one bedroom was my mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend.  My parents on the bed.  Brother and girlfriend on the floor in the living room and me on the side on a pull out.  Zero privacy for 7 days and it was exhausting.  Especially since I was expected to plan the entire thing minute by minute.  There was a moment I got sick and I had to navigate myself by home because my parents didn't probably know how to use google maps.  I guess, this is the turning point in which I have to be the one to take care of my parents despite how youthful they may seem.  But damn, I thought "family trip" meant that I just had to tag along.

On my actual birthday I again picked the place the eat and navigated everyone there.  It didn't feel special so I decided that not matter what, I was going to go to the gay neighborhood to get myself a birthday drink after ditching the family at the Airbnb.

I was alone at The Eagle, Tokyo in Nichome... a familiar brand, but not an English speaker in sight.  I was hoping to meet up with Ernesto who had stopped responded for a few hours.  He was there taking care of business with his partner, but just landed that afternoon.  I assumed the jetlag got the best of him.

But they arrived and took me to a drag bar which I enjoyed.  I needed some gayness to balance the family time.  Luckily I was able to connect with an instagram friend for another night to give me another needed break.


It's already 10PM and I should sleep.

Walk up at 5:20AM, catch the 6AM shuttle, Arrive at work at 7AM, catch the 3PM shuttle, arrive at home by 4:30PM, look up something to eat or cook.

Browse flipped homes in desirable locations.  Compare potential mortgages to current rent control, realize that the investment would make most sense for non existing off spring, close computer.



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