Wednesday, March 11, 2015

San Francisco Doesn't Make Sense

Alysia grabbed me from San Jose and we were off to the Mission District in San Francisco where we hung out with Stephen who joked about the golden handcuffs of rent control of the city.  He had been living there for at least 3 years and was enjoy the spectacular space and reasonable rent.  I remember running into Stephen in a speedo during Bay to Breakers... he was slippery... from sunblock.

Mission Dolores Park.... as if San Francisco only had one park... not sure why people enjoy being in this herd with barely any shade.  We stopped by after an awkward SoMa StrEATfood Park visit.  Cover and overpriced okay food?  SF... give me a break.

There was this guy staring at Mony and say, "look at that gaysian..." and then he approaches Mony to give an awkward hello.  I liked his sweater though, learned that Mony hooked up with him and he forgot his name.  Yes.

The highlight was just enjoying beer on Mony's balcony on the 28th floor.

Continued to keep it simple by having dinner at Super Duper.. I actually really like this burger joint.  Met John's new boyfriend and celebrated his birthday really quickly before he headed to BootieSF

Stopped by The Mix where I was absolutely disgusted at sweaty ass bouncing above people's drinks.  I think I was dry heaving at the thought.

Caught these guys walking from the Castro to the Ferry building fro some reason.  Yallz crazy.

Check this out $11.69 for Miso Ramen Broth, Thai Curry & Lime Broth and Vietnamese Pho Broth.

Are people in San Francisco idiots?  I find this absurd and offensive... and mind numbingly stupid.  What is happening to this city?  This market is competing with Whole Foods.

Luckily Alysia grabbed me to go back home to Los Angeles, but first a quick stop at Bravo Farms which has a faux western town for children.  There are hidden slides and climbing areas in these small buildings designed as banks and churches.

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