Wednesday, March 4, 2015

San Jose Visit

Every time I go back home to San Jose I try to clean out a little bit of my stuff so that my parents have less junk in the house.  But I'm a packrat.

I did find my old scrapbook where I legit cut pictures and used stickers.  So much work, but it came out nicely.    I never really fished this one.  If you turn the page you will find the sleeve filled with cut outs and pictures waiting to be sorted and arranged.  Just never got to it, but I remember being quite proud when I finished a page even if it was a simple one.

This is the view from my parent's stoop.  Not much activity, but tons of parking.  I remember playing with the neighbor kid... I remember when he passed away from stomach cancer.  His dad stopped decorating the house with Christmas lights after he passed away.

Hung out with Tim and Danster at Communications Hill after snagging some boba in Little Saigon.  They told me how it got really popular that the residents complained.  They managed the crowd by narrowing the stairways and limiting parking.

Celebrated my mom's birthday at this posh Viet restaurant.  Though my mom didn't enjoy it very much because of how loud it was there.

Enjoyed the downtown San Jose Gay scene with Martin and Aaron.  Really felt the third wheel energy when they connected over Disney and I had absolutely nothing to contribute.  But in the end I enjoy connecting people and then taking credit for establishing the relationship.

The one thing I'm glad that I didn't inherit from my dad is his cold sore genes.  LOL.  Thanks San Jose, time to get out of here.

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