Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Recap

Spring Cleaning

I'm always impressed when I find out that my friends are talented.  Will had an art exhibit in Little Tokyo called Monochromatic where he featured his paper designs.  The detail is amazing.

California Through My Lens blog sent us on an adventure through Murphy Ranch in Santa Monica.  Well actually Brian gave me the initial idea, but I found this blog very helpful to find the hidden spots.

This building is always changing with graffiti artist constantly cover over others' work.  When we arrived we noticed some kids enjoying 420 and painting the inside.

Phil actually went again another weekend and found this place fenced off and the graffiti painted over.  Looks like we visited just in time.  He also found a rope swing and other painted areas.

The hike itself involved many stairs.  And there was really a clear path to the buildings, but we were able to ask around.

We supported our friends at the CalTech 2nd Annual drag show.  It was very entertaining.  And very different.  Wilton was the perfect MC and the greatest drag queen doing a death drop during his performance.  It was also fun to watch drag Kings.  The after party was awesome at the karaoke bar The Boulevard.

My car stereo was damaged.  My coworker asked the guy she was dating to if he could fix it because he works on race cars.  He dismantled my dash and found a shit ton of extra wires.  He told me that someone tried to install a woofer which I thought to be odd since I bought my car in 2012 from a car rental place.  SHADY.   We were able to get the sound to work, but the stereo lights no longer turned on.  I guess I'd rather have sound than light.  LOL.

I was lucky, he didn't have the correct wrench, but someone across the lot was working on a motorcycle and had the tool.  SCORE.  He saved me a lot of money.

We checked out the Brewery Art Walk which I've gone to a couple times before already.  Again, it was more about the living space than the art itself.

Aww - me and Alysia at Yelp! Elite Event in Pasadena.

I'm curious what this is for.


Myung Dong Grill (Sunnyvale) - Seafood Pancake
Lasa Filipino Pop Up (Eagle Rock) - Pork Cheek Kaldereta.
Cinco de Mayo (West Side) - Drunk tacos
Trencher (Each Park) - A sandwich
Banh Cuon Phu Ho Tay (San Jose) - Bun and Grilled Fish
Perilla (San Francisco) - Garlic Noodles (Joe's FAVORITE!)
Neat Bar (Glendale) - Neat Bourbon and "Chaser" which was more of a mixed cocktail $12!
Badmaash (DTLA) - Poutine Masala - sop it up!
Banh Cuon Phu Ho Tay (San Jose) - Bun Mam.  Ppl always impressed that I like this.
Badmaash (DTLA) - Random other dishes
Heywood (Silverlake) - Game changer and Caliente - If you want to pay $10 for grilled cheese

Yes - I would like my Spam Musubi loco moco style!!!!  Gravy and with an Egg on it!  Thank you Aloha Cafe in Little Tokyo!

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