Sunday, May 18, 2014

BootieLA Prom - Blurry Night

We took a nice stroll through Echo Park Lake to get to the EchoPlex where it was Prom Night with BootieLA!  I couldn't get my camera settings right, but it made for fun party pictures.

Toward the end of the night, it looked like most people were done.  Except Phil.  I encouraged everyone to keep going for the party.  "Just once a year!"  Let's stay longer than midnight for once.  Though I was getting pretty tired.

The prom king and queen.  Cute hipster girl and buff nerdy guy with no shirt.  Not as cleaver as a couple years back.  Someone came as Carrie and had blood running down her dress.  She was amazing.

Looks like we're judging someone do the warm.. BUt it was just little people getting it on in the middle of the dance circle.

Happy Birthday Phil!

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