Monday, November 4, 2013

The Colors of the Hollywood Farmer's Market

I'm thankful that I have Alysia in my life.  She takes me on Farmers Market adventures and encourages me to buy fruits and veggies.  I usually just look for plums and oranges.  I also split things with her if what she buys is too much for her to finish.

She gets excited with Strawberries.  "That smells SO GOOD!"  And we end up buying 3 baskets for a really good price.  She explains that they're about to go bad so I better eat them within two days.

Spice Alley is a new addition to the farmers.  Complete with a mini Hollywood sign.  The alley used to be full of trash, but the renovation brought another wonderfully charming element to the market.  When's it's the farmer's market the alley is called the EaCa Pedestrian Alley.  So cute!

I really wanted sausage for lunch... but... it was way to much.

This fun band greeted us out of the market.


On another trip to the market we tried Shop House... which is the South East Asian of Chipotle.  Oh god, it was terrible and in my opinion offensive.

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