Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween - Like Father, Like Son

Because of all the birthday parties in November, Halloween is usually an after thought, but thankfully Jon was having a birthday/costume party called Monster Birth.

I was excited!  I lent him 5 glow in the dark lights and some other decorations to adorn his cute Santa Monica bungalow.  Also made him Jell-O Shots for the event.  Thankfully I had Harry Potter costumes laying around from a Harry Potter themed birthday earlier in the month.

We are Harry Potters from all four houses.  Easy!

Jimmy got creative on photoshop and added some magic to our photobooth.

Epic wizard battle!

I think this one is particularly cute.

These three were costume stand outs.  ET and Elliot and a 90's school photo.  Nice job!  Thanks for these pictures Jimmy!

A couple weeks later, I stumble on my dad's Halloween pictures.  Apparently he had his own house party with a photo booth....and.....

AN ORGANIZED THRILLER DANCE!!!!  I wrote on his wall, "you inspire me!"  My dad as some sort of alien and my mom as a blond flapper.  Out of control.  My dad makes me look forward to growing old and staying young.  I admire his spirit.

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Tommy Lei said...

Your parents' party is SO ON POINT. I want to hang out with them. #invitingmyself #always