Monday, April 22, 2013

Mislabeled - Culinary Faux Pas

You would think that Las Vegas chefs know the difference between Banh Mi and Pork Buns.  But even the Chow Mein... cutely served in an Asian American take-out box was mislabeled as Udon.  This must be a joke.  This must be an amateur mistake by a staff member throwing out signs without consulting anyone.  Regardless.  Come on people.

Banh Mi is NOT a newly discovered dish.  Banh Mi is consumed by college kids because of how good it is, how cheap it is and how popular it is because of famous food trucks and chains like Lee's Sandwiches.  Banh Mi is known by all Vietnamese cuisine lovers scattered around the world due to the Vietnamese diaspora. How can you make this mistake Wicked Spoon?!?

Why is this so offensive?  Because... Banh Mi is amazing and those who never had Banh Mi before will be very confused and be misinformed... and it shows a culinary ignorance that should not happen in a world renowned Las Vegas buffet at The Cosmopolitan.

Is this an "interpretation" of Banh Mi?  No.  The vessel is a steamed bun...  you cannot lay two pieces of pizza together and label it a sandwich... maybe you can call it a Pizzwich or I dont know... a Calzone.  You cannot mix around Asian ingredients and hope no one notices.

Did I sit around in silence?  Of course not... I stood up... found a waiter and asked him where the bathroom was so that I can tweet the hotel.  And this is what happened:

My work here is done... and if you don't know what a Banh Mi is... here it is below:

by unlimited_awd

Doesn't that make you angry?  Or at least hungry?!  Hungry for justice.  That's what it makes me.

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