Saturday, September 24, 2011

Drunk During the Day

It was my first time going to Las Vegas as an adult for Ern's birthday.  Every time I go to Vegas, it's been with family or a friend's family so I'd always be on my best behavior.  Never have I experienced Vegas as it was meant to be - a playground for Adults.

Ern's bday was celebrated at the Wicked Spoon buffet where we stuffed ourselves and enjoyed bottomless champagne for 3 hours immediately when we arrived from our roadtrip.

We explored out hotel and took model pictures... of course.

We spent the entire day lounging at the pool, buzzing from the buffet.  Sam, somehow gashed his face in the pool when he tried to do a flip or something.  Blood everywhere.  We were a flock of sassafras gaysians frolicking around.  At one point we positioned ourselves in the pool to represent a map of Asia based on our ethnicity.  We had all of East and South East Asia covered!

As we sunbathed, I realized once again what it means to be on vacation: enjoying the time spent.

Back in our hotel room, we created a bar with the alcohol that we brought.  Vegas hotels should really provide ice chests to prevent damage to their sinks and tubs.  There was a lot of Patron and Sweet Tea vodka was the alcohol of the weekend.

We took a nap until 11PM.  Showered and headed out to Crave which was very eh.   I had to drop about 30 dollars round trip in a taxi because I forgot my ID which was a huge buzz kill.  All I wanted to do was relive that pool.

This was a highlight for 2011.  I loved it so much.  The traffic back to LA was a reality check.

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