Friday, June 17, 2011

Straight Clubbing

MMM - Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.   There's no more excuses, look up a recipe and cook it.

After enjoying a homecooked meal by my friend's boyfriend we decided to do something that I rarely get to do and love:  STRAIGHT CLUBBING!!!

That means button up shirt un-tucked rolled up sleeves and girls girls girls.

After a couple of hours of straight clubbing, I sit on a curb and make small talk with the people I met that night.  I see a cute boy walking pass with his friend and make my usual aggressive eye contact.  He realizes I was staring and turns his head back at me and does the "sup nod" then proceeds to walk away.

Mmmmm Love fliriting with danger.

First I go like this:

Then, when I see him looking back, I go like this:

To do this at gay clubs is boring.  No mystery, no challenge.  Yawn.  But to give a look and get a look at straight venues is purely exciting.  I love this.


In the club, I see one of the blonds I met texting her phone desperately as some slime ball tries to talk to her.  I whispered in her ear, "do you want to talk to this guy?" She gives me a look, "hell no."  I pull her arm and save her.  I did this about three times.

I love protecting women from predators

Music played top 40, classic hip hop and the Cat Daddy.  I "move my arms like my wheelchair's stunt'n" which I thought was "stuck." So I move my arms back and forth like I was stuck in place.  The dudes around me ask what I'm doing, I explain and they exclaim, "I LOVE THE DISABLED DANCE!" And try to imitate me.

I love trend setting dance moves to the dudes who don't know how to dance.

I freaking love straight clubbing and I get sad when my gay friends think it's the worst idea ever for me to suggest it.

The only thing missing is being able to grind with the boo on the dance floor.

I need more lady friends.

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