Thursday, June 30, 2011

San Diego Trip

On April 15th, we decided to take a break from LA and absorb some San Diego sun.  But it was actually very cold.

Hung out at Balboa Park.

For some reason, we found the desert section very interesting.

Very Harry Potter
Entering the vagina tree

Such an angry Asian American

We also did some kayaking and learned about the cove.  Still need to develop those shots from my underwater camera.  We went out in Hillcrest and found my friend's old apartment.  We failed to find relive my Cupid Shuffle experience in a ghetto hip hop club because they had transformed Numbers that night into the very opposite of what it's know to be.  Notttt happy that night.

Over all, it was a nice little trip.

I have found a book titled, "Walking LA."  This book includes 36 walks in different neighborhoods.  The other day, Jimmy and I discovered the Heights Steps in Los Feliz.  Sandwiched between expensive homes were these steps that belonged to no one.  In the middle was a cute bench complete with floral foliage, soda can and prescription drugs..

This guy comes down the steps and we make conversation.  "if you guys are gonna make out, use the bench over there... they can't see you... I had sex there one time!  Good day!  Oh and he's a keeper."

Oops, I guess we were obvious. He probably thought Jimmy was a trick that I picked up at the park.  Well.... either way, I'm keeping him.

I've also found this blog: .  365 things to do in LA... this women's journey to document a different thing to do for each day of the year.  Love love love.

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